The Funniest Anime Opening and Ending Songs

Laugh your way along with the rhythm.

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The Funniest Anime Opening and Ending Songs

Every anime series wants to have a catchy opening and ending song that not only captures the series' overall feel, but can stay in the hearts and minds of viewers. We know of legendary openings like 'A Cruel Angel's Thesis' from Neon Genesis Evangelion and 'The Crimson Bow and Arrow' from Attack on Titan.

However, there are some openings that are too funny to let up. They may not be as famous as their dramatic counterparts, but are entertaining nonetheless.

1. The Crab Song from Aiura

A completely random but funny series needs a completely random song. So here, the main theme is crabs. Yes, the hard shelled creature from the deep that tastes exceptionally delicious in whatever form, even canned.


2. Opening Song of Tesagure! Bukatsu-mono

You know a series opening is worth a laugh when it literally describes itself in the lyrics, while parodying all other anime openings. If you're confused about what we mean, just watch the opening for yourself.


3. The Puppy Song from Excel Saga

At the close of every Excel Saga episode, viewers will hear the whimpering songs of a cute puppy called Menchi. He is kept by the heroine Excel as an 'emergency food supply' and this closing song expresses his resistance to being considered as food. Of course throughout the series, he is treated more like a pet and is never actually eaten.


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