'The Great Fusion' is A Fitting Homage to Classic Point and Click Adventures

Solve puzzles in a futuristic world. 

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'The Great Fusion' is A Fitting Homage to Classic Point and Click Adventures

'The Great Fusion' is a point and click adventure by Loading Home and will satisfy those with a taste for indie-style games reminiscent of  Monkey Island and Day of the Tentacle. You play Max, a software engineer in the year 2022.

Things have changed much and the gap between rich and poor have increased to an uncontrollable level, with the large conglomerates controlling everything, including law and order. Owning copyrighted material is now punishable by death, and the masses live in near poverty. Nations no longer exist, and the whole world lives under one corporate government known as The Great Fusion.

As Max, you've lost your job and live in a tiny rented room. You get a message from your friend asking to meet at a nearby watering hole, and here the adventure starts.

The game feels really familiar, with hand drawn graphics. You'll be able to interact with various characters and click on objects to keep them in your collection and use objects to perform certain tasks. Interactions often lead to a list of options and choosing the right ones will get you somewhere.

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The only drawback of this game is that the options and puzzles are a little difficult to figure out and don't follow any one pattern. You'll have to be curious and click around to explore to be able to get to the next stage and move the story along.

If you're curious, unafraid of mistakes and love early 90s adventures, then The Great Fusion is the game for you.

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