The hidden meta of Mario Kart

Remove the casual play and the hidden strategies in the game shows itself.

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The hidden meta of Mario Kart

Mario Kart is a beloved franchise that has been played by millions of players since the SNES area. The latest game in the series, Mario Kart 8 DX for Nintendo Switch promotes the game with unique race courses that includes going through water, air and even gravity.

In game, each player is able to customize their cart, and the cart parts have different options that will also modify the stats of the player. What is less known is that each character has stats of their own.

Image via Crave

The chart above, taken from Mario Kart Wiki shows the different stats of each characters. Keeping in mind that most stages in Mario Kart 8 have shortcuts and straight paths, the meta of the game is focused upon characters whom have the fastest speed with enough handling to clear small corners.

In addition to this, players must also consider the different speeds of the kart while it is in water, air or anti gravity. While most tracks will be done on the ground, speed in these special environments are also vital to winning.

Two characters come up on top, Dry Bowser and Wario. With some modification on the carts, these two characters will be able to take the top spot in any race with little trouble, when in the hands of a pro.

Using Mario Kart 8 DX Builder, we can see the difference between a top tier character, and one whom is at the bottom.

Image via Mario Kart 8 DX Builder

As we can clearly seen, Wario is much faster in the water and ground. Both characters have almost equal acceleration mini turbo, and while Luigi has better handling, that can easily be compensated with player skill.

And this is the hidden meta of Mario Kart.

Cover Image via MK8DXBuilder

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