The Most Absurd Divorce Reasons

People parting over the silliest things.

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The Most Absurd Divorce Reasons

Marriage is supposed to be a sacred union in which two people come together and share their lives. However, divorce rates are becoming higher and higher, for various reasons. In some marriages, break-ups are due to poor communication or the couple drifting apart after some years.

Outside the normal reasons, there are these completely absurd ones as well.

1. In China, a man named Jian Feng left his wife after he found out that she had had heavy plastic surgery and her original features weren't to his taste. He found out after the couple had a daughter together and the child looked nothing like his wife, causing her to confess. He later sued her and dumped them both.

2. In another twisted story, a woman was divorced by her husband after he found out that she had lied about her age, which was 30. The husband was under the impression that she was 24 years old. 

3. In 2011, a woman divorced her husband on a live TV show called 'Divorce Court' because she claimed he was being too nice to her.

4. A woman actually divorced her husband after only two months of marriage as he forgot to change his relationship status on Facebook from 'single' to 'married'. The husband claimed he was too busy with work and it slipped his mind.





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