The Most Played Mobile Games in Japan

Japan has the best of the weird and the wacky.

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The Most Played Mobile Games in Japan

The Japanese have many things they love, and one of them of course is video games. Japan is the land of some of the most epic video games to hit the market, such as the Final Fantasy franchise and many more. 

You'll want to check out some of the mobile games that the Japanese are playing in a huge way, just to see what makes them so addictive:


1) Battle Champs/ Ritoru Noa

Just imagine Clash of Clans meets cutesy Kawaii girl. The game concerns Noah, an alchemist and her adventures as she traverses her world in an airship.


2) Crash Fever

An eclectic combination of an RPG and colour matching game, this game will have you collecting power by matching items, and then pitching it in battle.


3) Yokai Watch PuniPuni

Also known as Specter Watch PuniPuni, this game has you matching specters, which are spiritual beings from Japanese folklore in order to complete an RPG adventure.


4) White Cat Project

A unique RPG game that got the internet all abuzz last year as players can apparently play it only with their thumb.


5) Puzzles and Dragons

Sometimes shortened to Pazudora in Japan, this game has all the right combinations of colour matching to power up your pet dragons, which you then send out to battle.


Bonus: Monster Strike

Possibly the best selling game in Japan, Monster Strike is a game whereby you collect monsters and spells. Your main aim is to power up the monsters in your collection for a turn based combat.


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