The Muscle Hustle: Review - Marbles and wrestling in one game

Score: 8/10

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The Muscle Hustle: Review - Marbles and wrestling in one game

Score: 8/10


  • Great music
  • Great narrator
  • Clean and Useful UI
  • Executes the wrestling theme will with special moves and rope jumps.
  • Has a color coded damage advantage system


  • Grinding required

The Muscle Hustle is a game of marbles, but with HP and Wrestling mixed into the game. Gameplay is done by tap and dragging anywhere on the screen to flick your marble in that direction. You will want to hit the opponents marbles to deal damage to them to knock them out, and you will want to hit your own marbles to activate that character's special ability. This forms the crux of the game, as players balance between dealing damage and activating their team's ability. The PvE is fairly well balanced, and PvP matchmaking feels balanced.

Outside of the game, the multiple characters in the game are drawn in great detail. Characters have an initial look, and these looks change upon being promoted. The final promotion is split into two, showcasing the character's "Face" and "Heel" form. Character promotions are done via collecting items from either PvE or PvP. Promoting characters will grant them new abilities that you can use in battles, and these range from passing through characters, to climbing up ropes and jumping on top of the enemy.

We made this short gameplay video for you:

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