The World's Youngest Barista

He makes a mean cappuccino.

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The World's Youngest Barista

It's hard to believe that a 3-year-old is capable of making a legit cup of cappuccino, but that's exactly what little baby Adler is doing. His father is the owner of Bindle coffee, a cafe in the Colorado mountains. Under his father's watchful eyes, Adler deftly prepares a beverage, and looks like he's been doing it forever.

He even expertly pours the foamed milk on the top at the end. Just watch:

Little Adler has to stand on a stool to reach all the coffee machines, but he moves around with ease, and even carries out tasks that require adult strength, like tamping the coffee grounds. Here's hoping that Adler grows up to be a great Barista in his own right.


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