The worst legendaries in Shadowverse per class

You see these in your packs and think, "Ah, 1500 vials".

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The worst legendaries in Shadowverse per class

Not all cards are usable, and perhaps there might be some oversight. Here are the worst legendary cards in Shadowverse.


A 7 mana 3/4 that increases a follower's stats by +4/+3 is actually not bad at all. However, the cost of 7 is vital in many games, and thus there just isn't enough deck space to fit Gabriel in. While she was a key card in Standard, the addition of many cards from later sets have rendered Gabriel sub-optimal.



This 2 mana 4 health ward may look like a good idea as the attack depends on the number of fairies killed before it is played, but at the end of the day, Forest needs to play something with board presence at early game, and have enough wards like Ancient Elf, Treant and Hector in mid game, with Crystalia Tia and Crystalia Aerin for late game. Fairy dragon is at the end of the day, an unusable card as other cards perform better in all the roles that it aims to achieve.



A 6 mana 3/4 that fills your board with 1/2. What was once a useful card is now rendered moot due to the existance of Salamander breath that clears the board, and D-shift that kills mid-range decks. Sea Queen Otohime is to slow and to small to be worth considering in Sword's deckslot, as every other card is able to do her job of board presence.



Change all followers cost to 0. Disable their fanfares and they are not allowed to attack the enemy leader. This effect lasts for one turn. The only card that rivals this card in how bad it is, is Corpselord of Woe. As rune, your hand will be filled with spells and little followers, so the effectiveness of this card is decreased. Worse, when you do manage to do a turn 9 play of Ginger + 4 other followers, the opponent can just play Bahamut to clear all your followers.

A terrible card that should not exist. Rune simply does not have the capability to utlize Ginger in any meaningful way.



At turn 9, 2 damage will not be able to kill anything. As Fafnir does not have rush, playing him means you will be eating 8 damage to your leader the next turn, which could easily go up to 14 damage and end the game. A big body means little when you are losing, and when you are winning, Polyphonic roar is an assured 5 damage every turn after, which is better then a risky 8 damage which can be removed.



Can't attack. At the start of your turn, use Necromancy (6): Evolve this follower. Evolved: Can attack, gain Last words: summon an unevolved Corpselord of Woe. While it is not the worst legendary in the game, it comes close to it. A 4/4 follower for 4 is in the weak, and the cost of necromancy 6 is huge. The fact that it evolves at the start of the turn instead of at the end means the opponent can easily remove it without any worries. The last word only comes into play after it is evolved. As shadow, it may be easy to obtain 6 shadows, but you will want those shadows to activate the effect of other cards such as Death's Breath or Phantom Howl. A good card in design, but the high cost of 6 shadows means it's a dead corpse.


She's honestly not a bad card. a 6/6 for 5 is a card that opponents love to remove, even if she has a downside of damaging your leader and reducing her attack the next turn. The only reason why she's here is because the rest of Bloodcraft legendaries have either a use or meme potential. If Beast Dominator did not exist, the worst legendary in Bloodcraft would be Venomfang Medusa.



Weak stats and an effect that states destroy all allied ammulets, an ability that is shared by Eidolon of Madness at 5pp and Heresy's Avatar which effect lasts for the entire game. It would honestly be the worst legendary, if not for the cost of 7 compared to Ginger's cost of 9. 

Cover Image and Art Images via Shadowverse Portal

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