These Homework Answers Will Crack You Up

Kids nowadays are pretty witty.

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These Homework Answers Will Crack You Up

Remember when you were a kid and homework was such a chore? You would  always want to get it over and done with fast so that you can watch your favourite cartoons or play video games. However, some homework can prove more daunting than others. 

Some really ingenious kids have come up with creative ways to answer homework questions, even when they're clueless, giving their teachers major headaches.The results are hilarious. 

1. Elephants will always save the day

2. Actually, he or she really did follow the instructions

3. Technically, not wrong

4. What happens when you take questions too literally

5. What a plucky kid

6. Lord of the Rings fan spotted

7. Kinda makes sense, linguistically that is

8. Stay away from too much sweets