These Tiny Houses are Revolutionizing Lifestyles in Japan

Space saving marvels.

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These Tiny Houses are Revolutionizing Lifestyles in Japan

In big cities like Tokyo, land and space are hard to come by and are extremely expensive. This means that owning a house in Tokyo is extremely costly. This is where the micro-housing concept comes in, with more and more architects designing micro homes that fit into incredibly small spaces.

These homes have amazing interiors that maximize the usage of space, often not more than 3-4 feet wide. They include living spaces that can double up, and built in features that can be converted from one function to another.

Here are some of these amazing architectural feats:

1. STEPS house in Tokyo

Built by Apollo Architects and Associates


via Apollo Architects


2. Nada House in Hyogo Prefecture

It's the actual home built by Fujiwarramuro Architects

via Arch Daily

3. House in Abiko

By Fuse Atelier

via Fuse Atelier

4. Hori no Uchi House in Suginami, Tokyo

Designed by architect Kota Mizuishi of Architect Atelier

via De Zeen

5. The Garden House, Tokyo

This 5 storey house is the work of architect Ryue Nishizawa incorporating the calming nature and practical functionality.

Via Rocket News

Feature image via De Zeen


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