These Witty Print Ads Will Make You LOL

They're really relatable.

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These Witty Print Ads Will Make You LOL

Print ads are those you see in magazines, newspapers and other printed materials like leaflets. Print ads also appear on walls, billboards and on public assets. Unlike radio or screen ads, they have to convey their meaning in just one picture with very few words. Well, like the famous saying goes, a picture paints a thousand words.

Some of these ads will make you want to jump up and support the brand immediately. That's the real power of advertising:

1. That bench looks good enough to eat

2. Give your pet dog fresher breath

3. Whoa, that's one sharp knife

4. Shine your shoes till they can reflect traffic

5. Real life is nothing like the movies

6. Isn't that Ronald McD***** incognito?

7. Even ants wont touch it



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