This 'Love Dance' is Taking Over The World

A cute 'Koi Dance' that you too can follow.

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This 'Love Dance' is Taking Over The World

It all began with a viral video from the United State's Embassy in Japan last Christmas, where members of the staff did a cute dance to wish everyone a 'Merry Christmas'. Even the ambassador, Caroline Kennedy, joined in the fun. Kennedy is the daughter of former US president John F. Kennedy who was assassinated in 1963. This will be her last term as ambassador to Japan, as all ambassadors under Barack Obama are being recalled so that new ones can be appointed by Donald Trump.

Watch the fun and sporting US embassy staffers here:

So far the video has over 6 million views. The cute dance actually comes from the closing song of a popular J-drama called 'We Married as a Job' or Nigeru wa Haji da Yaku ni Tatsu. It's a story about 25 year old Mikuri Moriyama who has a Masters degree, but finds it hard holding down a permanent job.

Eventually, she starts working part time as a housekeeper for shy Hiramasa Tsuzaki. However, when her family decides to move away and Mikuri is at risk of losing her cleaning job, she panics and suggests to Hiramasa that they marry for convenience sake. 

You can watch an introduction to the series here:

At the end of every episode, the cast members dance to the closing song 'Koi', which means love. This dance has been reproduced by people all over the world.


So what do you think, did the US embassy do a good job?


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