This May Be The Most Addicting Video To Watch This Year


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This May Be The Most Addicting Video To Watch This Year

The Internet may just be the greatest phenomenon to have existed in modern human history, playing a fundamental role in the meteoric rise of dot-com companies, the metamorphosis of digitalization and the distribution of knowledge and information, among many other things. Truly, it has revolutionized and altered the course of our world.

But for all its glory, from Oppa Gangnam Style to overnight popularity of the Harlem Shake(remember that?) and the countless other parodies that followed, the Internet has also given birth to some viral internet sensations, the latest sensation may yet be one of the zaniest yet.

Called "Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen", the relatively short but shockingly addictive music video by Japanese singer-songwriter Piko-Taro sees him dress in a yellow shirt and scarf as he dances to some goofy music while gesturing "apple" and "pen" combining to an "apple pen" followed by "pineapple" and "pen" to "a pineapple pen".

The video gained over 26 million views on 9GAG, just 24 hours it was posted on Facebook. Without spoiling any further, try to watch the video below and tell us it's not contagious! 


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