This Mobile Game Rewards You With a Real Life Hotel Stay

Top scorers win prizes in real life.

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This Mobile Game Rewards You With a Real Life Hotel Stay

It's called Belle the Bear and it's in an 8-bit resolution. This may look like just another low budget mobile game, except that it's not. Belle the bear has been commissioned by W Hotels in conjunction with the opening of the new W Hotel, Bellevue in Washington D.C.

The game is simple enough, and can be played on PC and on mobile phones. If you're playing on mobile, simply swipe the main character around to avoid obstacles, while collecting certain other objects to gain points.

via Gadget Hacks

After each game, you can choose to post your high score on social media via the 'brag' button, or submit your score to the leader board for a chance to win real world prizes.The first prize is an attractive three night stay at the luxurious WOW Suite at the W Hotel Bellevue. Not only do you get to stay at this 2,302 square feet suite, you'll also get free round trip airfare, shopping vouchers, and a tour of Washinton D.C.

via Gadget Hacks

The top five scorers are guaranteed prizes, but the current high score seems to be 21, 510 points, which may take some effort to beat. The game is open to players until July 15th, so hurry up and try your high score today!

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