This Small Japanese Village's Rice Paddy Art is Unbelievable

Intricate pictures formed by growing rice.

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This Small Japanese Village's Rice Paddy Art is Unbelievable

It all starts out with a small and sleepy town called Inakadate in the early 1990s. Located in Aomori prefecture, this small and almost forgotten place was a dying town with hardly any attractions or development, save for some rice fields and apple orchards.

People were beginning to leave Inakadate for larger, more prosperous towns. Things were made even worse when a large theme park in the area failed, landing the town in heavy debt. This was when one of the local councilors came up with the idea of planting rice to resemble pictures. Here are some of their work:

The various colours are formed by different rice strains that have been specially bred to be that colour. Every year, the designs are decided upon by locals, and then printed out onto a plan. A large group of volunteers then plant the coloured paddy in their designated areas on the display field.

Designs vary, from scenes of Japanese folklore, to western characters. Every year, tens of thousands of tourists come and view the field from a special platform, constructed specifically for the purpose of seeing the paddy from a height.



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