Three of the best weapons in gaming history

Weapons from gaming history.

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Three of the best weapons in gaming history

First person shooters, or FPS is a very common genre, and arguably, one of the first genres in gaming. In today's world, FPS has evolved to provide us with countless hours of entertainment with great graphics, and amazing weapons. Let us take a closer look into three of the most celebrated guns in gaming history.

BFG 9000

Image via Wikia

A gigantic weapon about triple the size of DoomGuy's arms. The BFG 9000 is a massive weapon that can't be accessed via the weapon wheel. Players will need a dedicated button to bring the gun up. With a max ammo of 3, the gun fires green plasma that vaporizes targets upon impact. It then explodes, dealing huge splash damage to any enemy nearby. The shot is so strong, that even enemies who dodge the shot will receive damage.



Image via Wikia

The LaserKraftWerk is a laser weapon that is much smaller then the BFG, but shoots lazerbeams that melts enemies and iron walls alike. With a 400 ammo count, the gun can be used in semi automatic or full automatic. In the first installment, the gun can be upgraded to provide a targeting scope to fire at multiple enemies at the same time, and the beams can be upgraded to reflect off a surface, allowing it to hit enemies behind cover or around corners.

Sadly, in Wolfenstein The New Colossus, the gun lacks these functionalities, but is now more compact which allows it to be dual weilded with another weapon. The gun can also now be charged in order to release a powerful beat that is able to kill a super soldier in one shot.



Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator/Gravity Gun


Image via Wikia

The Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator does not use ammo. It doesn't need to, as everything in the world is an ammo for this weapon. Using gravity to attract and repel objects towards enemies make the gravity gun one of the most innovative and amazing weapons in gaming history. 

With this gun, players are able to pick up metal crates, propane tanks and even some mechanical enemies. While unable to pick up heavy objects, the gravity gun is still very capable of pushing objects out of the way, and is even used in certain sections of the game to construct a bridge. The gun is most used in Ravenholm, a map that is filled with traps and scarce ammo, and players had to improvise with saws and nails in order to kill enemies.

What makes the gun noteworthy, however, is that it can be supercharged. When this happens, the gun glows blue instead of orange, and is now capable of picking up objects with far greater mass then it previously could, as well as being able to launch these objects with a far greater force. It can now even pick up enemies, electrocute them and throw them into other enemies to gain a two for one kill.



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