Tiny Bubbles is an Interesting Matching Game

An indie game that has won numerous awards.

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Tiny Bubbles is an Interesting Matching Game

Tiny Bubbles comes from a small studio called Pine Street Codeworks, and has had the honor of winning at least three indie game awards up to now. It's a game where you match four bubbles of the same colour. 

The bubbles however, are not static and they twist and turn in a three dimensional space. The gameplay is very fluid and natural, which is why many reviewers have found it outstandingly calming.

The game is free to play and will come to iOS and Android in 2018. Unfortunately, Pine Street Codeworks is yet to find a publisher so the date of release is still unclear. There will be 126 levels to clear, which means that there will be plenty of things to do within the game.

Cover image via Pine Street Codeworks


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