Tiny Rails Quick Review: A Charming Train Idle Manager

An idle game where you gacha for train carriages instead of characters.

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Tiny Rails Quick Review: A Charming Train Idle Manager

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Score: 9/10

What is it?

  • Idle game where you manage your train. Set a destination, and off you go as you drop passengers.
  • Carriages has stats that affect how much gold you will get from your passengers.
  • Choose which passive buffs you will have, while completing story quests by moving from station to station


  • A lot of easter eggs in the game
  • Progress in the game can be done fully without payment
  • Full of charm with a lot of reasons to keep the game on.
  • Properly implemented ads.
  • Has a market system.
  • Good art and BGM


  • Takes a lot of time to progress in end game.
  • Easter eggs require you to focus on the screen, as these are clickables that only appear on the screen for about 20 seconds.
  • Progress stops if there's debree on the tracks.

Watching your train as it rolls by shouldn't be this entertaining.

10% of rare? Nah, you get a common.


65 different trains and 132 different carriages to collect and use.

Ah, debree, the number one delay in the olden days of trains.

That reviewer looks familiar...


It's good. As an idle game, the game feeds you solid and steady progress the longer you play the game. Ads are never bothersome, and you can safely ignore it while you progress by upgrading your train's speed, or any individual carriages. With easter eggs like barrel rolling planes and tail spinning helicopters, Tiny Rails is a beautiful nod to the past.


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