Top 7 Tycoon Mobile Games for Budding Business Empire Builders

Build your own business empire like a pro.

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Top 7 Tycoon Mobile Games for Budding Business Empire Builders

Have you ever wanted to run your own business, but never had the funds in real life? Maybe you want to escape to a world where you're the boss instead. Whatever your reasons, 'Tycoon' games are always a good bet as it allows you a greater sense of control and you can reap the results of your decisions.

These are some of the business empire building games available for play on mobile:

1. Roller Coaster Tycoon 4

Design and build crazy roller coasters to keep the guests interested and keep them coming to your theme parks. You can even try out your own roller coasters to see how fun they are.


2. Game Dev Story

Produce a hit video game in your own studios and see how well it performs. Start small from the comfort of your bedroom and slowly grow into a multi million dollar company.


3. Egg Inc.

You job is simple. Produce eggs, and lots of it. Except that things can get complicated and you'll need to plan and get things moving along.


4. Transport Tycoon

Getting things and people from point A to point B doesn't sound very difficult, but when a whole city is involved you'll have to put your all into the planning and execution of a world class transportation system.


5. Horse Park Tycoon 2

Build an amusement park centred around horses and see visitors come in. Decorate and upgrade it from time to time to keep people interested.


6. Desert Tycoon

Build a city in the middle of the desert where you have discovered oil. Start of with a small town and see it grow into a city.


7. Zoo Story 2

Imagine Zoo Tycoon, but just a lot more compact and cute. The basic premise is simple; keep animals happy, breed them and attract visitors.


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