Top Gear is One Step Closer to Releasing Its Own Mobile Game

The game is going to be called 'Top Gear Road Trip'.

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Top Gear is One Step Closer to Releasing Its Own Mobile Game

The company planning to develop a mobile game based on the world's top auto TV show Tops Gear has just announced that they're one step closer to bringing the game to life. They've just successfully raised USD 894,000 in their latest round of fund raising. 

The company, Motorious Entertainment, is based in Helsinki, Finland and has just received a grant of sorts from the Finnish government to boost their production expenditure and bringing their total amount of investments to USD 1.4 million.

The Top Gear shows have garnered over 400 million fans worldwide, but has been suffering in terms of viewership after the three main hosts, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May left the show several years ago due to disagreements with the production team, and started their own auto show called 'The Grand Tour'.

via VentureBeat

Motorious Entertainment has stated that the current game in production is a match-3 game and will allow players to travel along a map of the UK and Italy, while allowing players to tune their car now and then.


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