Top Picks for Korean Romance Dramas that Fans Shouldn't Miss

Fill your days with loads of feels.

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Top Picks for Korean Romance Dramas that Fans Shouldn't Miss

Korean culture is sweeping the world, all thanks to their knack for making engaging and entertaining drama series. Of all the genres they produce, romance seem to perform the best, compared to action or family dramas. 

It all started in the early 2000s, when the first of these romance dramas became a hit across Asia. Named 'Winter Sonata', it had an almost cult-like following, which then spread to parts of the Middle East and several Western countries. There was no stopping it, as K-dramas, as they were called, was here to stay. 

Whether you're a long time fan or just discovering K-dramas, here are some all-time favourites to check out:

1. My Love From Another Star

An unpredictable actress meets an alien who landed on earth centuries ago, and they get entangled in each other's lives.

2. The Heirs 

Lee Min Ho plays the a rich heir who falls in love with his servant's daughter, an intelligent, vivacious and hard-working girl, much to his family's displeasure.

3. You're Beautiful

Park Shin Hye shines as a young aspiring novice nun who is forced to take her twin brother's place in a famous band. She then begins living disguised as a man with her bandmates.

4. Princess Hours or Goong

This drama re-imagines Korea as still having a monarchy, and the crown prince is forced to marry a commoner with whom he shares little in common.

5. Emergency Couple

A couple who married young and against their parents' wishes encounter problems in their relationship and soon split up. Several years later, they discover that they're both trainee doctors in the same hospital, and old emotions return.

6. My Lovely Sam Soon

Sam Soon, who is getting on in age and dealing with a heartbreak, somehow becomes a pretend girlfriend to her boss and sparks start to fly.

7. Full House

Han Ji Eun is an orphan whose most treasured possession is a beautiful house her parents left her. When she discovers that it has been mistakenly sold to a temperamental actor, she does all she can to get it back.



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