Toys 'R' Us Introduces Augmented Reality Game for Customers

You can interact in real time with any of their stores.

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Toys 'R' Us Introduces Augmented Reality Game for Customers

Last month, Toys 'R' Us made an official announcement that they were declaring bankruptcy after facing serious competition from other stores like Walmart and Amazon. Now they've come up with an ingenious way to attract customers to their stores again.

They're using the Apple ARKit to create an Augmented Reality app that customers can use when they see a Play Chaser sign in any Toys 'R' Us store. The Play Chaser app lets you play virtual basketball or take back a virtual doll anytime you point the app towards a star icon.

The game is being tested in 23 stores across the US, particularly in California, New York and North Carolina but will be released throughout the entire United States by October 21st. 

via Toys 'R' Us 

Geoffrey Giraffe, Toys 'R' Us mascot will be guiding users through the games, which are very kid friendly. This is definitely one of the more creative marketing tactics by a brand, and it's also taking AR in a new direction.


Cover image via The Verge


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