Traditional Japanese Tips to Cure a Hiccup

You'll stop in no time.

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Traditional Japanese Tips to Cure a Hiccup

Every country has its own techniques for getting rid of hiccups, and the Japanese are no exception. These methods for getting rid of those irritating bouts of hiccups have been developed and handed down from generation to generation.

If you have a case of the hiccups, and nothing else works, you can always try these methods:

1. The Cotton Swab Method

This may sound difficult, but try to stick a cotton swab all the way to the end of your mouth to reach your uvula. Once you touch it, a gag reflex will be triggered. The idea is that the gag reflexes will stop the hiccuping once and for all.

2. Say "Daizu"

There's a belief in Japan that someone stopped hiccuping when they were asked an unexpected question "What are tofu made of?" and the answer was "Daizu" which means soybeans. This started a trend where everyone who has hiccups has to be asked this question, and reply with "Daizu". Apparently, it works the more you repeat it.

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3. Make Persimmon Calyx tea

Boil some Japanese Persimmon Calyx  together with some water to make a tea. You'll have to boil the tea until the liquid is reduced to half. This method is passed down from the elderly and is rather time consuming, so you'll have to be patient. 

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4. Drink Water from The Wrong Side of the Glass

Rather than drinking water from the side that is nearest to you, bend over and drink from the side that's away from you. This may need you to bend in a awkward manner, but the Japanese believe the strange angle will make your hiccups go away

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