Ubisoft Unveils New Mobile Game at E3: South Park Phone Destroyer

Mobile game based on the animation series.

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Ubisoft Unveils New Mobile Game at E3: South Park Phone Destroyer

The annual E3 video game expo seems to be harbouring a whole lot of new reveals and announcements, and it seems that now Ubisoft is jumping on the bandwagon and revealing their newest game, which is a mobile game based on the animation series, South Park.

On Monday, June 12th, Ubisoft released the game's trailer for the first time at their E3 press conference, and the game seems to have all the tongue-in-cheek humour South Park is known for.

Although the full game mechanics is not known, it does seem to appear to have turn-based combat properties with all the main South Park characters playing one eccentric role or another, from angels to choir boys, clerics to pigeons.

The game promises to be an "action packed real time strategy" game with plenty of player vs player action, with Cartman guiding you along as 'the new kid'.

South Park: Phone Destroyer is Ubisoft's third release based on South Park and is slated to hit both Google Play and the Apple App Store later this year, and will be a free to play game. Just remember that this game probably won't be suitable for kids, as is the main cartoon series.

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