Uniracers: The grandfather of stunt sport games

We look into the past with this amazing game.

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Uniracers: The grandfather of stunt sport games

The snes was not a powerful console, but it was a time where designers could dream. Impossible things such as cars with rockets, baby zombies eating neighbors or mushrooms that make you big lived side by side, and so did this Stunt racing game featuring unicycles.

Uniracers was an imaginative game with amazing level design. The goal in each stage is to reach the exit with as much points as possible. Points are obtained by doing stunts, such as flips and rotations. As there isn't any driver, each unicycle gain a life of their own, expressing their joys and sorrows via movement.

It is a shame that upon release, Pixar felt that the unicycles were too similar to the unicycle from Red's Dream, and the developers of Uniracers lost the lawsuit and was forced to halt production of the game.

As it stands, Uniracers is still a great game with character, great level design and great point mechanics. Check out some gameplay footage below.

Cover Image via Wikipedia

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