Unusual Antique Samurai Helmets That Break Convention

Interesting designs.

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Unusual Antique Samurai Helmets That Break Convention

Japan's history is filled with periods where warlords fought each other over land, territories and power. They depended on warriors to fight their battles for them, and these warriors were called Samurai. The Samurai lived by a strict code and lifestyle.

One method they had of appearing more intimidating on the battlefield was by wearing large helmets, sometimes with frightening masks. These helmets, called Kabuto, date back to the 1500s. Some of them are more unusual than others, and were specially made to represent the personality of the wearer:

1. Dragonfly Themed Helmet, dating from 17th Century

via Atelier Entomologica


2. Dragonfly Helmet with Wings

via Imaga


3. Gold Octopus Designs Kabuto, circa 18th Century

via Pinterest


4. Kabuto with Antlers, late 18th to early 19th century

via Pinterest


5. Kabuto Topped with a Demon's Face

via Yoshidenki


6. Kabuto with Centipede Design

via Pinterest


7. Large Crab Pincers Helmet 

via Sanban Centre


8. Kabuto with Lacquered Bear Head, late 16th Century

via Pinterest


9. Helmet with a Crouching Rabbit, Edo Period

via Wikimedia Commons

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