Upcoming Batman Film To Be Called The Batman


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Upcoming Batman Film To Be Called The Batman

Ask any moviegoers or movie critics and they will most likely conclusively agree that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was an absolute disaster and a big snooze fest. The film was poorly written, the plots were convoluted and out of place, the villain had a paper-thin motivation and then there was the whole "my mom's name is Martha too" thing.

But if there's one silver lining to the atrocious film, was that Batman, played by Ben Affleck was probably the best part of the film. 

And now, Affleck has confirmed - at least for now - that the new Batman film will be called "The Batman".

"The movie I think it's going to be called 'The Batman'. At least that's what we're going with right now. I might change it...That's about all I got right now. We're working on the script, the script is going well, I'm really excited about it.", he was quoted saying, according to an interview with Associated Press.

In case if you live under a rock, in addition to playing the caped crusader, Affleck will also direct and will co-write the script, which means fans can at the very least, expect films at the same calibre of Good Will Hunting, Gone Baby Gone, The Town and Argo - films that he has either wrote and directed. These films were critically well-received so it looks like the signs are good, for now.


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