Useful Tips and Strategies to Survive a Pokemon GO Raid

Maximize winnings while taking down the Gym's boss.

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Useful Tips and Strategies to Survive a Pokemon GO Raid

In June 2017, Niantic finally released the multiplayer feature it promised as a Pokemon GO upgrade some time ago. This feature allows several players to come together and defeat a Gym's Boss that appears at fixed time intervals. They often appear first as eggs with a clock counting down the hours until they hatch.

Usually, anyone near a Gym Boss that has hatched is allowed to join in the raid, meaning that you'll often be battling with strangers. You'll need a raid pass before joining in, and raid passes can be earned by spinning the photo disc at any gym. Players in the raid have about one hour to bring the boss down in order to gain a slew of goodies and sometimes rare or legendary Pokemons to catch.

Here are some basic strategies you can employ to increase the chances of your raid battles being successful.


Pay attention to the Raid Boss's element. This is extremely important as it will influence the type of Pokemon you send into battle. Bosses are more susceptible to Pokemons of the opposite element. For example, Flareon, which is a fire Pokemon, is weaker to water and earth Pokemon.

From the Same Team

If you raid a gym that's in the same team you are, whether Instinct, Valor or Mystic, you'll be able to gain more goodies when you win as opposed to joining raids in another team's gym. Try it and compare your winnings to see whether this one works or not.

Don't Bother Dodging

Dodging takes up time and you only have a few minutes per Pokemon to engage the boss, so don't waste precious seconds by dodging. Just go all out and do fast attacks or charge attacks continually. Don't worry about finishing up all your six Pokemon on standby as you'll be allowed to put a second batch of Pokemon for a second wave attack as long as your few minutes aren't up yet.

Choose High Charge Attack Pokemons

Charge attacks are very important during a raid and is the main way to bring your boss down. Wait until your charge attack meter is full and then press and hold to inflict high damage on the boss. The higher damage the charge attack can inflict, the better for you.

Patience in Battle

Raid bosses usually have ten times the normal CP of any Pokemon so you'll be there at the gym for quite some time. Be sure not to engage in a raid if you're in a rush. It's more challenging than just a normal gym takeover, so be sure you can afford the time.

That being said, it's up to you to enjoy Niantic's new updates for the game, and capture one of the legendary Bird Pokemons that are making the rounds as Raid Bosses, including Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres and Lugia. They'll still be around until August 31st 2017.

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