Vainglory Opens Pre-Registration for 5v5 Mode

A different gaming experience from the usual 3v3.

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Vainglory Opens Pre-Registration for 5v5 Mode

Vainglory is a MOBA or fighting arena game from Super Evil Megacorp which usually features teams of three players against each other. However, a new mode of the game has been announced which features teams of 5 characters.

Players all over the world can now pre-register at the official Vainglory website to receive updates on this new mode, including announcements on official release dates and such.

via Broken Myth

Vainglory is going to introduce a new 5v5 map that has been developed in collaboration with professional MOBA players, so that's something to look out for.

Additionally, those who pre-register for the new mode will receive special goodies once the 5v5 map is released within Vainglory itself. Pre-registering players can also unlock a 'Founding 5v5' player badge in the new mode that promises to have more strategic depth.

Cover image via RedBull

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