Valiant Force: Quick Review - Tactical squad based RPG

Positioning based battles make Valiant Force fun.

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Valiant Force: Quick Review - Tactical squad based RPG

Score: 8/10


  • Great gameplay where positioning is vital to trigger passives and actives
  • Good graphics, and 3d battle is shown on the top screen while you decide with the bottom screen
  • A town growing system
  • Some heroes are upgradeable to max rarity


  • Changing the position and stats of passives relies on random chance in addition to expensive materials
  • Gacha can pull low rarity units that have been tiered up.
  • Lacking in story

Valiant Force is a novel experience that incorporates the traditional Fantasy RPG, but adds a tactical twist to it. Gameplay is surprisingly fun, and auto mode helps to elevate the grind. However, people whom like to optimize their characters to the last point should avoid this game as min-maxing requires a lot of random luck and chance.

We made this short gameplay video for you:

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