Valve Announces New DotA Card Game for Mobile

The idea has been getting mixed reactions from fans.

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Valve Announces New DotA Card Game for Mobile

If you're a DotA fan, you'd know that recently, the Olympics of competitive DotA 2 gaming was held at Seattle's KeyArena where teams of competitive DotA players from all over the world competed with each other for a total of USD 25 million worth of prizes. 

The stadium was packed to the brim with screaming DotA fans, all wanting to show support to their favourite teams and watch the action live on screen. DotA or Defense of the Ancients  as we all know is a multiplayer online battle arena featuring the Worlds of Warcraft universe. 

Professional e-sports players meet at 'The International', the largest professional DotA 2 tournament in the world to battle it out for the ultimate prize in front of hundreds of thousands of fans.

Valve therefore took the opportunity to introduce a trailer for a new game at the tournament, but slightly different this time. 

As the trailer suggests, Valve's next game will be a card game for mobile coming out in 2018.The immediate reactions were mixed, with fans expressing both disappointment and expectation online immediately after the announcement. The majority of Valve game fans were probably expecting sequels to Half Life, Portal or Left For Dead, all of which are made for the PC and console platforms.

As the game is scheduled for 2018, only time will tell if it does well upon release. 


Cover image via Ars Technica

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