Vehicles that should get a drift racing game

If we can drift trains, we can drift anything.

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Vehicles that should get a drift racing game

Initial D is a popular racing manga & anime series where the premise of the series is in the excitement of the characters racing down mountain roads.

As mountain roads are filled with corners and slopes, the fastest way to go down, or up such a road is by using a dangerous technique of drifting in order to properly control the car as it slides through a corner.

Below is a video demonstrating this technique.

Thanks to Initial D, the term and the act of drifting has become popular. We wonder if it is possible to apply the fun of drifting to other vehicles, and here's our analysis.


This already exists. Parody series Densha De D has a manga and even a game about trains racing against each other. The key term in the games are "Multi track drifting" which is when the train car hops of a track in order to not lose speed in corners.


Anime has already shown that tank drifting is fun to watch, but we have yet to gain a game about it. The potential of a racing tank drifting game is big, with turret shots being able to affect the direction and speed of drifts. Sadly, it probably will not happen as the the complexity of such a mechanic might prove to be to hard to implement.


It has four wheels, about the same amount of horsepower as most racing cars, and is huge and stable. Drifting trucks would be the next logical step forward away from drifting cars, but there has yet to be a game that features this. Sadly, bikes and motorbikes appear to be the current step for racing and drifting games.


While normally an air vehicle, this doesn't exempt planes from being included in 'drift able' vehicles. A game centered around drifting planes might remove the vehicle's capability of being airborne, and instead play with the mechanic of controlling two thrusters in order to clear corners.

Perhaps it could be a vehicle that looks something like this.

Image via Wikia

Cover Image via TvTropes

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