Visually Stunning Puzzle Game 'The Witness' Makes it to Mobile

Find your way around a mysterious island.

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Visually Stunning Puzzle Game 'The Witness' Makes it to Mobile

Thekla Inc., an indie game company, has now released their video game 'The Witness' in the Apple App Store. It's going for a much more affordable price than previous platforms like the Mac, Playstation 4 , Windows and XBox 1. 

Stunning visuals and challenging puzzles have earned 'The Witness' a very high rating of 88% on the Metacritic website. It's not hard to see why once you've seen the trailer.

In the game, you wake up on a deserted island as the only sentient being. However, you've also lost your memory and will have to explore the island and solve its various line puzzles to regain your lost identity and find a way to the mountain at the end of the island.

The mobile iOS version offers the exact content as the previous ones for other platforms, except with touch based controls. The Witness signifies a truly stunning age in mobile gaming, where the graphics are top notch and arguably among the best in its class.

The Witness is now available for download from the Apple App Store, and Android users will have to be a bit more patient as this game will no doubt reach them too.


Cover image via True Gaming

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