Watch Hilarious Video of Pokemon Go Raid with Only Magicarps

Flippity, flappity all the way to victory.

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Watch Hilarious Video of Pokemon Go Raid with Only Magicarps

In the middle of 2017, Niantic introduced the 'raid' option for Pokemon Go, where players can get together in large groups and battle gym bosses at certain intervals. Each raid fits a maximum of 20+ players, and many players have turned to online forums and groups to organize themselves into raid parties.

They usually set a time and place to meet, or just team up with whoever is already at the gym and take down the boss (usually a Pokemon with incredibly high CP). Players attack all at once, and choose a series of Pokemons from their personal collection to face the boss. A video has emerged online of a raid group that has come together for a hilarious reason.

They set out to take down a Magicarp boss, using only Magicarps. Watch the video and see the amount of hilarious flapping that takes place in this Magicarp only battle:

Official Pokemon channels have always lampooned Magicarp as the weakest Pokemon, but also the most adorable one and using Magicarp in battle has been a running joke among Pokemon Go players for the longest time.

However, as this video shows, the floppy fish Pokemon is more than capable of having seriously intense battles all on its own.

Cover image via Know Your Meme

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