Watch This Adorable Augmented Reality Puppy Play Fetch

Ridgeline Labs have developed a new game with Apple's ARKit.

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Watch This Adorable Augmented Reality Puppy Play Fetch

If you're a dog lover, you're in for a real treat. Ridgeline Labs has now released a demo online of a virtual pet dog game they're making using the new Apple ARKit platform. Although this is not going to be the first virtual pet game featuring an AR surrounding, it's going to pose some serious competition to its predecessors.

This new mobile game is still in its prototype stage, and is apparently being called 'RovR' for now. The demo shows how you can bring this virtual dog on walks, and throw sticks for it to fetch.

Many people who have watched the demo have touted this game as the new 'Tamagotchi' of this generation, referencing the popular virtual pet game from the 1990s.

via Tufts School of Engineering

Ridgeline has stated that the virtual dog is capable of doing a whole bunch of tricks including play fetch, roll over and others on command. No release date has yet been announced, but fans have been going wild over what little they've seen, and have been pledging monetary support on Ridgeline's Kickstarter page to help it come to fruition.

If this little virtual corgi tugs at your heartstrings too, you can head on over to Ridgeline's Kickstarter too and donate to support the game's development.

Cover image via Kickstarter

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