Wedding Dress Disasters to Avoid

Plan ahead for peace of mind.

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Wedding Dress Disasters to Avoid

Weddings are special occasions which are meant to be captured and remembered for a long time. Married couples often show their wedding pictures to their children and grandchildren for decades to come, and the whole family treasures these moments for generations.

For this reason, everyone wants their wedding day to be perfect, and one of the things you just have to get right is the wedding dress.

Wedding dresses should express individuality, but they also need to be sensible and flatter one's body shape. Modesty and minimalism sometimes go a long way. Here are some over the top dresses you may want to avoid if you're getting married:

1. Don't strangle the groom, please

2.Not sure if this is the bride or the wedding cake

3. Rather futuristic, but also reminds us of intestines, for some reason

4. Possibly not the best idea to show up as a lamp

5. Baaaa, Baaaa

6. How about, no

7. Maybe if it wasn't so oversized...




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