Weird Fruits For The Bold and Curious

Eat if you dare.

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Weird Fruits For The Bold and Curious

More often than not, we're all ambivalent about  trying new foods, and only a handful of foodies constantly seek out the strange and new. However, there are definitely more things out there to discover, and it's always good to try new food sources. You'll never know whether you like it or not, so trying never hurts.

If you happen to come across one of these fruits, do give them a go. Fruits are naturally healthy, and will always benefit you physically, even though they may look or taste strange.

1. Dragon Fruit

With a deep purple or white flesh, this fruit looks exactly like a Dragon's egg on the outside, but it's really juicy and slightly sweet on the inside.

2. Ackee

Cultivated in the Caribbean and West Africa, only the inner yellow parts are edible.

3. Physalis

These small fruits look just like yellow tomatoes and have a slightly sour taste. They're becoming very popular as part of haute cuisine all over the world.

4.  Wood Apple

With hard, wood-like outer shells, this fruit has many medicinal properties and grows in India and Sri Lanka

5. Noni

Known also as Mengkudu or Custard Apples, this fruit grows in South East Asia and the Pacific Islands, and has a slightly buttery flavour.

6. African Horned Cucumber

Despite its name, this is not a cucumber, but a fruit with juicy lime-banana taste that's slightly sourish-sweet

7. Miracle Fruit

This fruits looks rather normal, but eating eat will make everything sour tastes sweet on your tongue for hours afterwards.

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