Icaros: Welcome to the New Age of Exercise

Fly your way to fitness.

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Icaros: Welcome to the New Age of Exercise

Virual reality and exercise aren't two words that you'll find mentioned together very often. However, with the ICAROS, this is about to change. This new VR machine from Germany lets you download an app and experience flying via an ergonomic system. It allows you to train your muscles while experiencing a series of virtual flying experiences. Just watch how it works here:

There are actually four components to the Icaros system, which is the flying machine, the Icaros game, the virtual goggles and your smartphone. The app on your phone syncs up with the movements of the flying machine, and all you have to do is attach your phone to the VR goggles to begin.

The Icaros really changes the way we look at exercise, and allows body movements that were not previously possible. It's also a ton of fun, and you won't have to stare at a wall while working out ever again.



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