What Exactly is the 'Cross Popping Vein'?

Usually seen when an anime character is angry.

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What Exactly is the 'Cross Popping Vein'?

Anime uses plenty of new and interesting ways to express emotions that are vastly different from western cartoons. Take for example the drop of sweat that appears on an anime character's forehead when they are exasperated with something.

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One of the most recognizable tropes in anime is the appearance of something called a 'Cross Popping Vein'. You would most definitely have seen it somewhere before as it appears on almost every anime out there.

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These symbols usually appear on the heads of anime characters when they feel excessively angry or annoyed. Many of us anime fans have come to accept it as a pretty normal sign of anger and recognize it immediately. 

However, do we really know where it comes from? 

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Apprently, when one gets really angry, it causes the heart rate to increase and therefore the blood pressure will increase too.

The symbol is actually a cartoonish representation of what happens to the veins when one's blood pressure rises. The veins start to 'pop' and become more prominent, and this is a funny exageration of this phenomenon.

The first time these 'Cross Popping Veins' appeared seem to have been in the early 1990s in Super Mario games. The symbol is often used together with various eye expressions, like the completely white out eyes or decreased pupils. Sometimes, it's even used with the 'sweat' symbol to show that the character is both angry and exasperated.

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