What Happens When Kids Take Things Too Literally

Hilarious situations ensue.

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What Happens When Kids Take Things Too Literally

Children can often misinterpret the instructions and wishes of adults, especially when they're not too familiar with the alternative usages of some words, as well as sarcasm, allusions and metaphors. This makes for great comedy, as well as several awkward situations. 

Without further ado, here are some children who take things a little too literally:

1.This little girl was told that she can toast the New Year. She then asked her parents whether it was time for them to make toast, which lead to a new New Year's tradition in the family every time the clock strikes 12 on a new year.

2. This kid was told to eat only half of the grapes given to her

3. It was 'Bring a fish to school' day

4. His mom told him not to step 'even one foot outside'. 

5. This kid was told to play outside as it was a beautiful day

6. When you take the word 'name' as a noun and not a verb

7. This boy's parents told him to look for some Youtube videos to help him train his dog



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