What if Supergiant Games made a movie with their characters?

Warning, spoilers ahead.

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What if Supergiant Games made a movie with their characters?

Warning: Spoilers for Bastion, Transistor and Pyre. If you have yet to play any of these games and do not wish to be spoiled, close this article.

Let us recap, Bastion ends in two ways, Restoration where time is rewound, and Evacuation where they accept the calamity and hope for a new place to live.

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Transistor ends after Red defeats Royce, gains root access and she then joins her lover in the Transistor.

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Pyre, on the other hand, has so many different endings, but generally, the wish is for the characters to be liberated from their exile status.


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So how would all these three worlds come together? This is one such possible theory. 

Firstly, the movie will start with Kid choosing restoration in bastion, but instead of being sent back to time, they are sent to an unfamiliar desert instead. As they explore the new land with the Bastion, they soon meet with the Reader. Reader was left behind, having chosen his companions to be liberated instead of himself, and he joins the crew, stating that he has found a new magical book that guided them to a new land where they may live, and where a holy artifact lay for a final liberation.

As they proceed in their travels, they will encounter enemies from both games, and have to traverse through different terrain, with Rucks commentating the entire movie. Eventually, they would find the holy land, but they must enter via magical means.

Hooking themselves up to a computer, they enter a mysterious cyberpunk world where they are dropped into a concert, except instead of humans, the entire group, aside from them, are made out of robots. These will be the process, the major enemies in Transistor, and they spot Red humming to the audience before her. She goes off, and the group run after her for more information.

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They meet up, and many fights later, the three came to learn of their worlds. This is when a new idea is proposed. They shall merge the world of the Transistor as a function to the Bastion, and thus preserving it in a new state. With this in hand, they then activate Bastion's Restoration process once again, hoping to revert all their timelines, and thus granting a new chance for all the characters.

The movie ends showcasing the aftermath of their decision. The Kid goes through the calamity once again, Red is seen spending time with her lover, and the reader is shown walking down a futuristic town. The after credits scene will show the Reader heading towards a basement, and picking up a book to reveal the words "The Bastion".


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