What will Activision patent next?

Following the trend, we ponder on what's next on the patent pattern.

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What will Activision patent next?

Activision has submitted documents to patent an in-game feature designed to drive microtransactions from its users. It has also submitted a patent to make a system that would artificially make games easier for players who purchased in game items with cash. 

So, it wouldn't come to a surprise if Activision starts to patent these ideas next.

Micro transactions for increased graphics quality

This is a simple one. First you sell the game, then sell the same game with HD Graphics after 2 months. This has already been in practice, so it's only time before it's patented.

Micro transactions for reduced AI difficulty

We can't do a patent for cheat codes, so here's the closest thing. Start the game without a difficulty, and later in stage 10 or 20, when bosses get to hard, offer players micro transactions to reduce the boss health or increase the player's damage. Arcades already do this by offering a free bonus life if you retry.

Micro transactions for gun parts

Clash Royale has cards, Gacha games have fragments, and in FPS, we have gun parts. It'll only be time before Activision patents the usage of obtaining gun parts before you can build a complete gun to use in game.

Micro transactions for increased AI difficulty

In the reverse option of reducing difficulty, there's the option to increase difficulty instead. Doing so will unlock more story content, give more gold, or perhaps even be needed for the true ending of the game.

Micro Transactions for on disk content

And last but not least, there's a possibility of a patent for content that is on disk. This might be considered as pre-order bonuses, but with proper phrasing, Activision should be able to patent the practice of adding content that will be released on day 1, but requires payment from gamers.

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