Wild Lapras Appears In Tokyo And The Crowd Goes Wild


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Wild Lapras Appears In Tokyo And The Crowd Goes Wild

From You've probably heard or read a series of reports or pranks circulating around the world wide web of how Pokémon Go has made people insane. But maybe this incident tops it all.

Dubbed as the "Lapras Panic" on Twitter, a mass group of people has been chasing after Lapras in a busy intersection in Odaiba, Tokyo, causing all sorts of potential hazardous incidents and accidents. 

The crowds are so overwhelming that the police were called to handle the situation. Because of the chaos, authorities have asked Niantic to prevent Pokémon from appearing in this area again.

Oh and just case if you didn't know, Lapras happen to be extremely rare Pokémon. But then again, this doesn't justify people putting their lives and other people's lives in danger.

So what's the weirdest Pokémon Go Story that you've experienced, seen or heard?

More on this story here: http://kotaku.com/police-dealing-with-pokemon-go-chaos-in-tokyo-1786885109


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