Witch Spring 3: Review - Cute and Charming RPG

Score: 9/10

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Witch Spring 3: Review - Cute and Charming RPG

Score: 9/10


  • Love able cute characters
  • Interesting story
  • Character growth is fully customizable
  • Crafting system
  • Multiple endings and three story paths
  • Customizable magic system
  • Great BGM
  • Good UI
  • Multiple languages


  • Easy to miss details and being unable to progress due to not knowing where to go.
  • Unable to precisely target units for combat
  • No combat speed up.

With how many free games are out on the mobile market, you might be tempted to pay for gems. They might tempt you with offers, perhaps daily deals, perhaps double the amount of gems for first purchase. Before you do so, take a look at this game.

Witch Spring 3 is a charming RPG that have players play as Eirudy, a witch who is living alone in the forest. As witches aren't humans, they are feared and avoided. One day, she encounters a human who is desperate to obtain the stone of life in order to save his mother. And thus the journey begins. The game has a fully featured story with interesting characters and three different story line paths. 

Witch Spring 3 is full of content. Gameplay relies on tapping the screen in order to move or access the systems in the game. There's an option to enable virtual joystick to move Eirudy, but it is not needed. As a witch, Eirudy is able to collect materials in order to craft potions, weapons and spell circles. Spell circles can be combined with supporting spell circles in order to customize their power and mana cost. 

The unique draw to the game mechanics is the "life stone" system in the game. For every living enemy you defeat, you will be able to obtain life force. Life force is then used on Eirudy's dolls in order to breath life into them and use them in battle. Some of Eirudy's dolls are also able to be mounted, increasing her movement speed in maps, and turn speed in combat.

Combat is done in a turn based system, and choices are done via a circular menu. As you progress further in the story, more options become available such as enchanting your sword with magic to deal AOE attacks. Growth in the game is done via story progression, as with every 'goal' achieved, you can increase Eirudy's stats via training in her home. In battles, if you stick to one strategy, such as only using magic, you will also obtain a small bonus to the character stats. While you are normally alone in combat, Eirudy can summon any dolls that is alive into battle. These dolls range from supportive roles to offensive roles and are limited to 3 dolls being active in a battle. 

The game has a few minor flaws however. It is hard to pick which enemy to target in combat at certain points in the story, as they are stacked on top of each other. Also, some objectives aren't clear, such as needing to spot a rope headed down into a hole and tapping on the rope. Still, these flaws do not detract away from the game, as there is a full walk-through on Youtube to help if players feel lost. 

In conclusion, Witch Spring 3 is a beautiful and engrossing RPG filled with charm and without any micro transaction. It is a complete, high quality game and at this price point, should be an instant buy for any RPG lovers.

We made this short gameplay video for you:

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Price: Rm 17.99/ USD 3.99



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