Wonder Woman Movies Through the Ages

There were many TV and big screen Wonder Woman movies before 2017.

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Wonder Woman Movies Through the Ages

The latest 2017 Wonder Woman movie is arguably one of the best DC superhero movies to be made recently. It has garnered rave reviews from critics and has propelled its star Gal Gadot to super stardom. 

However, not many know that there have been plenty of Wonder Woman TV series and movies that have been made since the character was first introduced. These Wonder Woman titles are a must if you fell in love with the character due to Gal Gadot:


Wonder Woman TV Movie (1974)

Cathy Lee Crosby was the first person to portray Wonder Woman onscreen and this version of Wonder Woman had  a slightly more sporty version of her superhero costume.



Wonder Woman Live TV Series ( 1975-1979)

Lynda Carter brought Wonder Woman to the silver screen and she personified Wonder Woman for many of DC's early fans. After the series she signed on to play Wonder Woman in a feature length movie, released in 1980.


Wonder Woman Animated Film (2009)

Keri Russell provided the voice of Wonder Woman in this animated film where she was featured as the main character, rather than part of the Justice League.


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