'Words With Friends' Being Turned into a TV Game Show

Not the first time mobile games have been turned into TV shows.

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'Words With Friends' Being Turned into a TV Game Show

Zynga's Words With friends in probably one of those games that is simple but addictive enough to appeal to a huge number of players, despite being launched 8 years ago. At any given time, there are 55 million active gamers online playing as groups on single board.

The game, which is basically virtual scrabble, is now teaming up with MGM studios to develop it into a TV game show featuring most of the key concepts of Words With Friends and incorporating some elements from other games from the 'With Friends' series.

This won't be the first time the entertainment industry has brought mobile games to the big screen, as we now have a TV show based on Candy Crush  and movies based on Angry Birds.

Time will tell whether this game show will be able to attract attention the way its mobile game counterpart has.

Cover image via The Washington Examiner

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