'World of Tanks' Game Makers Opening Mobile Department

Wargaming wants a piece of the mobile gaming pie.

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'World of Tanks' Game Makers Opening Mobile Department

World of Tanks is known to many gamers as one of the more grand-scale online massive multiplayer online game that is available for free. The people behind this massive title is Wargaming, located in Belarus and Cyprus. 

News has it that Wargaming has now set up a special mobile games division dedicated to bringing proven and successful PC titles to the mobile platform. Wargaming has successsfully launched a version of World of Tanks for tablet and smartphones, called World of Tanks Blitz, and now seeks to follow up with a dedicated mobile gaming company of its own.

This mobile gaming division will also be publishing first and third party games that will include more game genres apart from war based games, just like what they did with the likes of Gods and Glory.

Wargaming mobile will be working with game developers like Friday games whom they partnered with for Gods and Glory. Games that do well during the soft launch period will then be made free-to-play while generating profit through Wargaming's monetisation strategy.

Cover image via Cloudera

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