WWE is Being Turned into a Mobile Game and It's Slated for 2018

You'll see familiar faces like The Undertaker and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

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WWE is Being Turned into a Mobile Game and It's Slated for 2018

Glu Mobile Inc. has just released a statement saying that they'll be working with WWE to develop mobile content based on the logo and superstars of the WWE franchise. The multi-year agreement will see Glu Mobile Inc dedicating one of its teams to developing a game with one touch game mechanics and meta game features.

Glu Mobile has previously developed a rather successful sports game for mobile called Tap Sports Baseball. They've announced that the new WWE game they're working on will feature some of the well known names in the franchise, including the Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Triple H and The Rock.

Chris Akhavan, Chief Revenue Officer at Glu Mobile, mentioned to Business Wire that they are looking forward to recreating the emotional connection fans have with the show within the game, and hope they will be able to meet WWE fan standards.

This won't be the first mobile game based on the WWE franchise, but it will be the first from Glu Mobile, and a first that will be a one touch game mechanism.

Cover image via Gamespot

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