XCom 2: War of the Chosen Secret Tips

We share the best tips to keep your soldiers alive.

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XCom 2: War of the Chosen Secret Tips

1) Equip repeaters & stocks on all weapons

Image via Gamepressure

Repeaters give you a 5/10/15% chance of instantly killing the enemy hp. While it may not seem like much as it doesn't trigger on a hit, they will trigger on all shots if you equip "stock" on your weapons. Many classes in XCom 2 can shoot more than once, and sometimes you will be stuck in do or die situations where you have to take down a Sectoid that is mind controlling one of your fellow soldiers with a shotgun. Using double tap and stock ensures 2 damage, with a one out of eight chance to land an kill shot that would normally be impossible in any other scenario.

And with this setup, sometimes, events like the one below can occur where a single shot will deal infinite damage to a high threat target.

2) Research damage upgrades.

Image via Gamepressure

Damage is everything in XCom 2, as a partially wounded enemy still have the same stats and percentage to kill your soldiers in the field. Inspired research happens occasionally, and sometimes you will find researches that deal +1 damage. Always take this research, as this free +1 damage is a great addition in battle.

3) Use the Resistance order "Between the eyes"

Image via youtube

Between the eyes allow any xcom soldier to always kill any lost in one shot. This may not seem like much early in the game, but four hours in, you will encounter loss with 6 hp or more, and with the numerous numbers of the Lost, every shot taken must be vital. Having Between the Eyes active allow you to very safely navigate through the hordes and kill the XCom enemies 

4) Resesarch and use the Shredstorm Cannon

You only get one shot when you are in ambush before you are revealed. While most do it with explosions, the best and most cost effective way to kill troops while you are in ambush is with the shredstorm cannon.

Not only does it deal incredible damage, it shreds armor, tears down cover and walls, and allows the rest of your troops to mop up.

5) Do not research and/or build SPARK

Image via Youtube

Sparks are great robotic units that can be promoted and gain abilities. However, they are only good from early to midgame. Lategame, your troops and soldiers will have more utility and more life compared to SPARKs, and thus, it is advisable to ignore the SPARK tech tree, in order to prioratize other research options.

6) Shred. Pick Shredder on everyone

Image via Rpg Gaming

Research will make up for the lack of armor, but nothing can make up for noiseless armor shredding ability. Shredding is vital to take down the most important enemies in the game.

7) Utilize Bluescreen rounds


Image via Ninja Blues

Bluescreen rounds help your specialists to hack robotic enemies, and allows you to control them. Adding a Heavy mec into your team, and removing a heavy mec from your enemies, will drastically change the pace of battle.


Cover Image via Xcom.com

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