Yakuza Online Gameplay Trailer Revealed by SEGA

Featuring a brand new protagonist.

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Yakuza Online Gameplay Trailer Revealed by SEGA

SEGA has yet again delighted fans with a big reveal at the recent Tokyo Game Show. Apparently, they've released a teaser trailer for the upcoming Yakuza Online, a free to play game that's made for consoles, PC and the mobile platforms.

Apart from being very story driven, the game appears to feature card based fighting sequences where players take turns choosing characters with certain skills to launch attacks and put up a defense.

The RPG allows you to play as Kazuga Ichiban, the newest main character in SEGA's Yakuza series of games. 

It seems the new Ichiban is here to make a mark on the underground world of the Yakuza, and you're here to go along for the ride. Look out for solid release dates and follow us for more announcements on Yakuza Online.

Cover image via Gematsu

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